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MI Open Horse Show Championships

MOHSC Virtual Horse Show
​Entries due Apri 8th at 8:00 pm

Submit entries by emailing to: or submitting through messenger on Facebook at
Label your video with your name and class number.

Rules and Patterns are linked below. Entries due by April 8th.

Class List

1) Showmanship Adult with Horse
2) Showmanship Youth with Horse
3) Showmanship Adult without Horse 
4) Showmanship Youth without Horse

5) English Equitation Adult with Horse
6) English Equitation Youth with Horse
7) Walk Trot Equitation with Horse
8) English Equitation without Horse

9) Western Horsemanship Adult with Horse
10) Western Horsemanship Youth with Horse
11) Walk Trot Horsemanship with Horse
​12) Western Horsemanship without Horse

13) Western Riding without Horse
   (Flying lead changes REQUIRED!)


MI Open Horse Show Championships is excited to offer this opportunity for competition during these
unprecedented times. In the spirit of MOHSC, we hope to offer both a competitive and FUN experience.
This is 100% casual, and horses are not expected to be clipped or show groomed. Fuzzy is fine. Casual attire is
acceptable. PLEASE NO TRAINING AIDS. Boot or wraps are fine.

Each pattern has been created with a suggested distance for the range of the pattern. If for any reason these
measurements can't be met (i.e. arena too small, muddy footing, etc.) please modify as needed. Where cones
are shown, feel free to use what you have on hand...buckets, cans, bottles of wine. :)
Videos of patterns should not be edited. Exhibitors should remain in the frame throughout the video. Videos
should be labeled with class number and exhibtor's name, and emailed to or
messaged to us on Facebook. Making the video into a Google file or YouTube video is acceptable but link
needs to be labeled appropriately.

Feel free to take liberties with the horseless classes. I know that I personally have taken many trips up and
down the aisle at a show practicing a pattern with my imaginary horse. ;)
Your video will act as your entry and is due by April 8th. No separate registration is necessary. Please note
that by entering this virtual show you have given us permission to share your video. Any video shared will be
done so with POSITIVE comments only and online comments will NOT be offered for the public. All
entries will be given feedback, and placings will be posted by April 17th.